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When I was working as science fiction illustrator a BNF (big name fan) named Bruce Peltz conceived the idea of a tarot deck with each card done by a different sci-fi or fantasy artist. He asked me to do one. I accepted and was hooked.

No artist can study the tarot without wanting to do his own version.

For the next thirty-five years I worked on it. At first I simply did my view of the Rider-Waite deck until I realized it was outdated and not relevant to our present day society. So I started over. I kept the form, twenty-two majors and four minor suits of fourteen cards each. I reworked all the meanings to try to bring them up to date. As a result this deck and book represent over thirty years work in research and creation. The efforts of two other people who were involved, Elspeth, and Bobbi Dresser were very important. As I am color blind, Elspeth was primarily the color person, although she also had much to do with other aspects. Bobbi was the leading light in getting the book to its final form. Without them the deck might not yet be done and certainly not this well.

It was finally published in 2001 and thatís another story.

Oh yes, my card in the Bruce Peltz Fantasy Tarot is the three of Swords.

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The Nybor Tarot is only available through Nybor Mystical Art.
It comes as a limited edition, beautifully boxed, with a hardbound book and reading cloth.
The artist personally assigns each one of the 500 decks to its owner.

The cost is $315.00 Including handling and shipping. As of September 2009 only about 250 decks
were available. Please remember when ordering to indicate to whom you wish it assigned.