I teach several different classes, some about art, and some about other subjects.

Below is a list of the various classes I have taught over the years.

  • Basic drawing / Figure drawing
  • Art History
  • Calligraphy
  • Drawing with Emotion
  • Drawing to music
  • Zen Drawing
  • Drawing Mandalas
  • Perspective

Since 1965 I have studied divination, with particular emphasis on the tarot.

I have drawn and published my own deck, the Nybor Tarot.

Here is a list of the classes I have given on the tarot and other metaphysical subjects.

  • Beginning Tarot / Advanced Tarot
  • How to Design a Tarot Spread
  • The Nybor Tarot
  • Casting Sticks
  • Magical Tools
  • The Spiritual Aspects of Drawing
  • Changing the Form
  • Sacred Space as a Template
  • The Role of the Male Elder in the Pagan Community
  • Spiritual Ethics
  • The Design and Construction of Labyrinths

I also do commission work, mostly fantasy portraiture and logos. If you are interested you may contact me via email at nyborart@comcast.net